First of all congratulations for clearing Tier 1 and Tier 2 of SSC CGL 2015 exam. Now its time for Interview and its preparation. This is the last time Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is going to conduct Interviews for CGL as from 2016 onward no Interview will be held for Gr. "B" or Gr. "C" posts.

The first step for Interview is Bio data form which should be downloaded from regional SSC website along with admit card for ssc cgl 2015 Interview. Interview is a crucial part of CGL exam which can have drastic effect in overall rank of a candidates. A candidate with good interview can surpass a candidate with a good marks in written exam and we have seen many such cases. Hence, Prepare well for interview.

Bio data form is very important part of SSC CGL Interview. It is the very first Impression of yourself before the Interview panel. It is well known that First Impression is the last impression therefore aspirants should fill BIO DATA form with utmost care and correct and precise information should be filled. 
Following guidelines are given to fill BIO DATA form.

Please note that BIODATA Forms should be filled by candidate himself in his/her own handwriting.
Advt. No CGLE15 Cat.No CGLE15 Name of Examination CGLE15
1. There must not be any errors in spellings, cuttings, overwriting, use of whiteners etc.

2. Write Full Words instead of using Abbreviations like B.A (Geo), should be Written as Bachelors of Arts (Geography)
3. Fill the forms completely, dont leave any columns blank, if you dont have anything to fill write NIL instead of keeping it blank or writing NOT APPLICABLE (N/A).

4. Write your Name in Block letters as filled in application form, and fill all the relevant columns as applicable (like DOB, Marital Status, Fathers name etc.)

5. Write your present address and permanent address carefully and as filled in application form, police verification & postal correspondence will be done in this addresses.

It is very important to write each of your educational qualifications (academic, vocational, P.G. etc) to secure good marks. But make sure you are comfortable and ready for the questions being raised in these educational fields. If you are not confident then its better to skip vocational or professional qualifications. Be prepared with basic and most probable questions pertaining to your qualifications.

Bio data form asks for "detailed information (with Certificates of participation in Games, Sports, Fine Arts, Dramatics, Essay-writing and other (NCC, NSS, Social Work, Mountaineering etc) may be furnished from high school onward". There is always extra marks for these activities in the interview, but it is advised to prepare yourself in possible questions on them, otherwise it can go against you. You must produce relevant supporting documents for each of the activities you have mentioned.

Fill this column with your past work experience,  if any in reverse chronological order i.e. last one first and so on. If you are working or have worked then you should mention it here. Its best practice to keep supporting documents like Work Experience Certificate, Joining Letter, Salary slip etc to mention and carry alongwith. There is always some extra marks for work experience specially when you are able to justify your transition/job switch. Again you must be prepared for possible Questions on it.

Don't flow with emotions and fill up all the space provided with your hobbies. Its always best to keep it minimum (one or two) and only those topic in which you are very confident. Again you must prepare for common relevant questions regarding your hobby, be clear and confident in your responses. Hobbies are supposed to be the field in which you have very much interest and it is expected that you know basic details regarding it. Don't write NIL here, mention at least one hobby.

This is also one of the most common question asked in Interview so prepare well and write the best possible answers for it. If you have been working right after your Graduation/last education then this is a bonus point for you. But if you have taken gap of one or more years then you need to justify this GAP. Justifications may be depending upon individual situations but some common justifications could be like I was preparing for various competitive exams to be fit for govt jobs. If you have been selected in other exams you should also mention it. Whatever you say/mention be prepared for relevant questions on it. 

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Disclaimer: candidates should write only the data which could be justified specially with documentary evidences. Individual choices may vary, prepare your BIODATA that best suits you.

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